Online Community Building

Online Community Building

We build communities that have a stake in your message, philosophy or brand

Why is it important to have an online community?

  • Marketing

    Robust, active and loyal online communities are a powerful marketing platform that any business can utilize to generate awareness and buzz around their messages. But building such communities is not an easy task and many businesses end up with massive audiences but tiny communities to engage with. To first demystify something, the number of Twitter and Facebook followers you have does not amount to a community. That’s an audience. An audience engages passively with the messages you put out. They just watch from the sidelines. The type of communities we build are different. We build communities that have a stake in your message, philosophy or brand.

  • Engagement and awareness

    Communities that are built around powerful content messages and narratives that boost engagement and awareness. Communities that aren’t a one-way street for your communications but that respond and engage with you and with each other around you. These are the sort of communities your organization needs and that will generate value for you and your brand over time.

  • Extension of your brand

    If all you thought mattered was just Twitter followers and Facebook likes, it’s time you discovered the power of online communities that become an extension of your brand. Dynamic communities evolve into a self-extending marketing platform that propels your message to thousands of viewers with just a tiny effort from you. We can help you build such communities and the powerful content that seeds such communities.

Fresh Design Online Community Building Process

  • Outline
    The first step is to come up with a list of goals and message outlines for the campaign and the business.
  • Discovery
    The next step involves discovery of the target audience as well as creation and management of a contact list if necessary.
  • Implementation
    The third step is the implementation phase where we create an implementation strategy for engaging the desired target audience on the desired platform or network. This could be social media, email, online forums or any other platforms.
  • Killer Content
    Killer content is at the heart of any awesome community building initiative so this next step is critical. We generate original and compelling content and comment sketches to be published within the community.
  • Evaluation and Tracking
    To ensure we are hitting the mark, we evaluate the project evaluation periodically and track the results for purposes of identifying any loopholes or inadequacies in the campaign.

Why Choose Fresh Design for Online Community Building?

Building communities has to do with having a deep understanding of how people organize themselves online and how they interact with each other and brands. We understand this from our extensive experience building communities for various organizations in diverse industries. Our experience extends to tapping new audiences for your community as well as interacting with current audiences. Contact us to find out more about how to turn your audiences into engaged communities.

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