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Why do you need search engine optimization?


    We build our strategies based on your brand and audience to ensure your website has the keywords to match related search queries. We make sure you are making the most out of each online engagement.


    All content we produce and the links we build feed the lead generation engine campaign for your business. Regularly updated original content could be web pages or blog posts, items that show search engines your website is alive and kicking.


    Our local and knowledgeable client service team is ready to listen and serve you from day one. You get on-demand updates and regular support for the campaign through the month.

Fresh Design Search Engine Optimization Process

SEO Process

Why Choose Fresh Design for Search Engine Optimization?

SEO requires patience, skill and experience, three things we have at Fresh Design Studio. Working with us, we’ll create credible and realistic SEO targets that offer you sustainable and reliable results over time. We won’t promise you the moon if we can’t deliver so you can trust we will deliver what we promise.

Flexible Pricing for a Comprehensive SEO Service Approach

While most of the agencies are still stuck in the outdated pricing structure, our credit-based pricing model provide a result-driven pricing structure while remaining flexible. You select the plan best fit your business and budget, and we will work together to create a plan for SEO campaign goals.

  • By the Credit
  • unlimited credits
  • $120 / Credit
  • Bronze Package
  • 10 Credits / month
  • $1,100/month
  • Silver Package
  • 20 Credits / month
  • $1,950/month
  • Gold Package
  • 30 Credits / month
  • $2,900/month

SEO Strategy and Planning

  • Keyword discovery
    2 Credits
    Research keyword relevancy, keyword competitiveness and webpage content to recommend 5 to 10 targeted keyword phrases
  • Comprehensive SEO audit and reporting
    2 Credits
    Conduct 360 degree website SEO auditing to identify opportunities for immediate improvement and to establish a benchmark
  • Competitor and inspired competitor analysis
    2 Credits
    Analyze SEO ranking on industry competitors to establish campaign goals and avoid unnecessarily competition

On-Page Optimization

  • Webpage coding keyword optimization
    1 credit = 5 pages
    Optimize website pages meta data, alt tags, and anchor tags to reflect target keywords
  • Image Keywords Optimization
    1 credit = 20 image files
    Optimize website image files with alt tag and image file name to reflect target keywords and improve loading time
  • webpage content keyword optimization
    1 credit = 5 pages
    Review and optimize website text body and headlines to reflect targeted keywords using rich text formatting

Content Creation and copywriting

  • Blog post writing
    4 credits = 1 post
    A well-crafted blog post that entice both industry readers as well as keyword optimized is powerful tool to gain exposure on search engines. The article contains targeted keywords, engaging visual graphic, search-optimized internal links and other elements to further boost SEO ranking.
  • Press Release copywriting
    4 credits = 1 release
    A professionally written press release on your company can not only boost credibility but also increase SEO ranking when distributed properly.
  • Website content copywriting
    4 credits = 1 page
    A mindfully drafted website copy that tells a brand story while including targeted keywords has one of the most long lasting effect on SEO ranking. We pay special attention to the use of H1, H2, H3 and the keyword placement for maximum effectiveness

Content Distribution and Backlinking

  • Press Release Distribution
    2 credits = 1 release
    Distribute press release through to industry reporters, and bloggers through PR platforms to gain exceptional exposures
  • Directory Submissions and backlinks building
    2 credits = 1 submission
    Submit website to relevant and high quality directory  (Top Tier) with proper linking back to the website.

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