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Get an engaging social media page and a detailed strategy with key conversations

  • Build a community of loyal customers
  • Get better reviews and customer testimonials
  • Find new customers through word-of-mouth
  • Post content that drives engagement
  • Build a long lasting brand persona

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Why do you need Fresh Design Social Media Marketing?

  • Tailored Social Media Strategy

    Social media marketing has tremendous potential and that’s why you need to work with an experienced firm such as Fresh Design to craft and execute your social media marketing campaign. We build our strategies based on your brand and audience. So you are making the most out of each online engagement.

  • Result-focused execution

    With thousands of users within any given geographical area, social media represents a yet-untapped goldmine of leads and marketing value. Each post, tweet or share is targeted to generate a meaningful result for your business. We track each engagement to continue optimize the entire social media campaign.

  • Top rated client team

    We have helped our clients engage over 2 million customers online. Our local and knowledge client service team is ready to listen and serve you from day one. You get on-demand updates and regular support for the campaign through the month.

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Fresh Design Social Media Marketing Process

  • Message and Goals
    Social media marketing is all about managing messages and the conversations those messages stimulate. That’s why our first step details the message and goals you want to achieve with the campaign.
  • Audience
    We then analyze your current audiences and potential audiences. This may involve identifying influencers, potential brand evangelists, communities that are related to your message, and so on.
  • Social Media Platforms
    Next we dive into the social media platforms you plan to use. This helps us understand the sort of messages formats we’ll be putting out as well as available complementary tools for scheduling, sharing, message amplification and son on.
  • Content Development
    Content development follows shortly. Social media marketing goes hand-in-hand with community building so this step involves creating seed content that will cultivate communities around your message and brand.
  • Tracking and project evaluation
    Tracking and project evaluation follows execution where we periodically analyze results and tweak the campaign for more effectiveness.

Social Media Marketing Packages & Pricing

ActivitiesStarter PackageBusiness PackageCorporate Package
Facebook – Relevant and regular Facebook posting on the fan page with trending hashtag and mentions1 Post weekly2 – 3 post weekly3 – 5 post weekly
Twitter – Relevant and regular tweets and retweeting influencers in the industry1 tweet & 3 retweets weekly 2 – 3 tweets & 5 retweets weekly 3 – 5 tweets & 7 retweets weekly
Linkedin – Relevant and regular post on linkedinNot Included1 – 2 post weekly 3 post weekly
Instagram – Relevant and interesting photo sharing on Instagram with description and hashtagNot IncludedNot Included2 – 3 posts weekly
Social Media Strategy – Identify your ideal customers and those most likely to buy. Research audiences to pinpoint specific interests, behaviors and habits. Determine platforms where audiences spend their time.YesYesYes
Editorial Calendar – Monthly plan on what to post and when to post YesYesYes
Account Manager – Dedicated manager knows your business and your audience on your teamYesYesYes
Monthly Report – Generate meaningful engagement report to measure results and linked to salesYesYesYes
Monthly Blog Post – Engaging and useful blog post to engage audience and drive salesa la carte1 post per month2 post per month
Followers Outreach engagement – Meaningfully engage in other social media accounts to increase exposure of your businessa la carteOnce a weekTwice a week
Social Media Advertising * – Reach audience who have expressed interests in your product a la carteYes, * 10% management fee on monthly spending budgetYes, * 10% management fee on monthly spending budget
One Time Setup Fee$250$250$250
Monthly Fee$1200 / month$2100 / month$3600 / month

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We have helped our clients engage over 2 million customers online