Technology is changing continuously especially in web design sector. Every year new trends are coming in this field, and they are offering exciting changes in web design technology. Here you will get details on some brilliant changes of web design trends in 2014. I am sure; you will get that how many trends are changed till now and what you can see in upcoming days. So, read bellow the expected web design trends in 2014:

Non-boring typography (bevisionare)


1. Non-boring Typography

 In 2014, you can expect to have a non-boring typography because expert designers are trying to bring out some interesting ways of type. In this area, you can expect to have a new trend called “fonts with personality.” These fonts will feel like you have never seen before. The experimenters are trying to introduce some new font designs in the new way.


Capture - Flat Design (Fit in Stand out)

2. Flat Design

It was expected in the last year that Apple will bring some significant changes in its cell phone models and designs. But in 2014 apple has developed iOS version and brought sparkling iOS7 with aesthetic design. Almost people in the world call it the flat design. It is called the most improved handset version of iPhone and now available in the market for purchase.

3. Large Hero Areas Quickly Killing Sliders

Capture - Large Hero (baystreetbiergarten)

You can consider it as the number 1 trend in web design in 2014. These days every website is using the large hero areas, in which they mainly show useful images or company name in sparkling fonts. More and more websites are adopting this trend and trying to improve their impact on their visitors. In every real estate business website, you will see it with charming images of properties.


4. Manipulated Imagery

Capture-Exposure (Manipulated imagery)In 2014, you will get useful tools to manipulate images. I mean to say you will be able to edit images according to your needs. It is expected to get images as overlays, indistinct images, which will come with filters. This year is going to be an incredible year in which plenty of significant trends will be seen in web design. Image manipulation is one of them.


5. Simple Color Schemes

Capture Simple color (fds)It is well known fact that colors play a vital role in making a website attractive, but in 2014 trends are changing. You are going to see many simple websites on the internet. Off course, those websites will come with excellent graphic quality, but they will use only one or two colors. The designers may choose only one color as the main color and one for the hue. You may see some famous color combinations in websites like black and white and blue with black.



All these trends are expected to see in year 2014. Well, you can also check the changes arrived in web design sector till now and which are about to come. For sure these trends will be amazing in web designing field and make some significant changes. For sure you are going to experience many better things in 2014.

Since the internet has been introduced, there are many amazing changes has been seen in web design trends. That chain is still on and just like 2013 you are going to see new trends of web design in 2014 also. These trends will make websites much better and useful to gain better response from visitors. Check bellow that which new trends you can see in 2014. Maybe some of them have occurred, but you have never considered them.

1. Crazy, Sexy, Cool Stuff 

What do you think about running an entirely animated by using parallax scrolling technique? I know this will be a different, but great experience for you. You may see few websites on the internet that will come with fully animated graphics and newer features as parallax scrolling. It is a great concept which will add a new trend in web designing field. This method is cool and amazing. I have seen a website based on Highway-One-Roadtrip. It is prepared by using crazy, sexy, cool stuff, but the main attraction of this site is, its parallax scrolling technique.

2. Long Scrolling Sites

People, who are frustrated of changing website’s pages, they are now going to see long scrolling websites again. Before few years, long scrolling sites were in trend, but these sites were replaced by new short page websites. By the way in 2014 you are going to have some long scrolling sites with much better content format and user-friendly representation of data.

I have seen many long scrolling sites in last few months, and I realized that the trend is significantly changing in web design. These websites are quite different from their old version because they are coming with new layouts and perfect graphical representation.

3. Videos In Place of Text 

Capture - Video replace text( to the expected trend in web design, you will see many websites with videos or flash on place of content. Hence many people prefer watching videos about their seeking things instead of reading content. You will get many websites with videos. Whatever you will like to know in that website, they will acknowledge you through the videos. You can also see websites with videos and text. It will be on your choice that which kind of way you prefer to know. This change in the web design trend will reduce complexity of learning and understanding new things.


Among all these three likely trends of 2014, I have as the parallax scrolling website too much. I have seen the tobi’s story site and realized that how creative it is. This website opens features with the help of animations. It is quite easy to operate and use. With the second attempt of long scrolling websites, people are going to enjoy the web surfing with such wonderful trends in web designing. Videos are coming on the place of web contents to reduce people’s web surfing time. You can also see some flash images on place of content as available in wiki answer.

To be continued…We will wrap up more fresh trends coming to next mint!

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How many times your creative directors have told you to be MORE creative, like, to think outside of the box?

Creativity isn’t just all outside-of-box thinking; it involves a lot of counter logic thinking. For example, human face should be more or less oval. But in Picasso’s paintings, they are square, triangle, or even in irregular shapes. That was creative. In this case, creativity is abnormality. Creativity is also about originality. So if you tried to draw human faces in strange shapes, you might be called a copycat. In the design industry, plagiarism is a big NO-NO.

So how do you get new ideas? Here are three few tips we want to share with you.

1. Brainstorm Till You Can’t

Brainstorming is the thinking of solutions. The whole point is to get you come up with solutions to your subjects. Start with very basic and obvious answers that even a three-year-old would know. And, then gradually, you let your brain fun wild as if a cheetah set free in a chicken farm. So wild. So free.

You can brainstorm alone, or with other people. Record your thoughts via a preferable method. Some people like to draw on papers. Or you can go electronic. At the end, you will be able to see how far you have gone from that basic and obvious solution. It’s the path to creativity.

2. Know Your Limits and Work Beyond It

Limits means more than your understanding of your own capabilities. It also require you to be willing to learn and adapt new skills, techniques and

culture. It’s never too late to learn. Try something new. Try something you didn’t think you were good at. Try something different. Designers get known for their own style. However, within each unique style, new elements could be added in.

Some clients are very specific and know what they want. But for you, the designer, creator and artist, it doesn’t hurt to try to play with multiple elements and style. As it works out well, you would create a masterpiece to be remembered.

Google designs different logo according to special holidays, memorials, culture everyday. So it keeps everyone curious about what the next one would be. They have combine different elements. Initially, it was image. In the past few years, it has become more interactive with Internet users.

3. Refine Your Ideas and Skills

Creation of your design and product isn’t the last step. It’s refinement that perfects and completes it, just as a good writer need a good editor.

Dear friend, practice makes perfect. At the end, your experiences in creating is the key to success. Keep learning, keep trying. 

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is actually good for your creative branding if at all some of the ideas behind the challenge are followed. It became a sensation after the ALS Association decided to use it as a way of raising some money for their association. One of the reasons as to why they made it is because their creative advertising came from an interesting point of view. The story behind the challenge was inspirational and because they stood out in grabbing the attention of those who heard it, they actually made it. The authenticity of the movement also caught people’s attention earlier on because real people started on it. This started with the CEO of ALS Association who was the first to be challenged. Because of the cause behind the challenge, people got a chance to spread the awareness by undertaking the challenge and posting it on the internet.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was also engaging and fun and all the things that were needed for you to take the challenge could be availed easily. For starters, you only needed a Smartphone, an ice bucket and a social media account. Thinking in a way that will be fun and engaging for your audience is what will determine the success of your brand. Thinking out of the box happens to be one of the ways that your brand will get to be known out there and in the event that there is controversy in the method you have chosen in making known your brand, welcome it. This goes on to provide the perfect opportunity for you to converse with your consumers.

An artist is known by his canvas, a book by its cover and a business by its website. Irrespective of its type or size, every business indispensably requires a website for successful operation. In the generation of the autocrat internet, promoting your business dynamics on the web platform is crucial. However creating a web URL is just not enough. The perfect web design is the fulcrum on which your business success rests on. 1


It is important to remember that appropriate digital design of a website is a necessity. A successful entrepreneur always foresees the expansion of his business territory by catering to client interests. A website reliant on superficial web design does not solve the purpose. You just cannot leave it to online DIY website creation formats. Ensure that your business profile is expressed well in the web design. An entrepreneur has to adopt the attitude of an architect when creating his own website.


Give your website an appearance such that it describes volumes about you and your business. It is vital to realize there are other rivals engaged in the same play. In order to be victorious you need to add that extra zing to your website. Creating a user friendly web design is certainly the best option.


Everyone wants that stunning factor in their website that is the best for the business. However it doesn’t mean you need to introduce flashy features that may not facilitate smooth navigation eventually. Let your creation stand on the crossroads of innovation and interaction. Include a blog area and comments section, enhancing the opportunity of your clients to reach out to you. An interactive design enables you to spread your business2across the globe.


Going digital is the new mantra. Get your business etched with digital design and keep your enterprise upgraded with amazing website fluidity.