Building your own brand

Many would like to think real estate deals are just about the numbers and “cold” facts.  This can’t be further from the truth. For many, real estate investment is as emotional as it’s logical. You should find a way to differentiate yourself from all other developers, agents, or firms out there. Stop trying to please everyone. Your brand persona should be engaging and consistent with your way of work.  Are you the tech-oriented developers that attract millennial investors or you are the wholesome family agent who always look out for family buyers? Find your inner child and make it fun.


Work on your business

If you don’t have a dedicated team of marketers, you might get lost into the day to day operation.  That means your marketing might suffers so will your sales. You can setup up at least half a day per week, where you just work on your marketing and lead generation.  You can spend half of that time looking through current lead generation channels, and the other half goes to developing lead generation new channels. Are you posting on enough places or are the listing attractive enough? Do you have a blog that help you rank high on the SEO?  There is always something new to grow your business.


Go digital or go home

This should almost be a requirement. Digital marketing should be the center of your real estate marketing. Word of mouth could get you started, but digital marketing is much more scalable.  Are you tapping into social media got a youtube channels? With digital marketing, you can shift your priority from reach to effectiveness. Don’t know what to do for digital? Just google your competitors, you will see where your local competitors are heading.


Aim aim and aim again, then fire

With today’s technology, it’s almost too easy to reach any target market if you have the right profile. The difficulty step choosing the right target market. If your resource is limited, you should choose the segment that has the highest chance of purchasing from you. Also think about who are the people your competitors are not targeting. It’s much easier to swim in a blue ocean.


Invest back into the business

To continually grow a business, it needs constant refresh and innovation. To get to the next level for your real estate company, you should look for professionals who are specialized in real estate marketing. When hiring a real estate marketing firm, make sure you consider the following

  1. Are they familiar with the real estate market?
  2. Do they have the talents to support my marketing continuously
  3. Do they have quick response time and quality work to meet my standard?
  4. Is their pricing clear and reasonable?
  5. Are they currently helping my direct competitors?



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The population of the Millennial generation, those in the 19-35 age range, have been reluctant to becoming homeowners.  Troubled by high unemployment, student loan debts, and tight credit, Millennials have a different outlook on home ownership and long-term investment than previous generations. However, as the rent keeps on going up and the economy continues to recover, there is a shift in the housing market. More and more Millennial are now becoming first time home buyer in 2016.

While some real estate agencies are well equipped to service this new group of buyers, most of the agencies are still struggling to win over businesses for millennial home buyers.  Here are the biggest mistakes people make when marketing real estate products or services to Millennials.


You will be surprised how many real estate companies think building a digital presence just means having a website! You don’t have to be a social butterfly on all the social media networks (in fact you really shouldn’t do that), but nowadays a website is only a start. So look out for the following

  1. They will google and yelp you the first thing
    • So make sure your website is search engine optimized and you are active on social media promoting your brands and mission.
  2. They expect you go mobile for them
    • If your website is not mobile optimized, then you just showed up at a cocktail party wearing disco pants. So get your website mobile optimized and responsive right away.
  3. They expect you digital
    • I don’t just mean having the document signed digitally (that’s nice). Your marketing communication will  be going digital. Thinking youtube video ads, Social media ads, re-targeting ad, these are common methods to engage with millennial home buyers.


You already know hard-selling is a turn-off, but millennials really dislike hard-selling. Maybe because they grew up seeing a lot more ads than the previous generation.

  1. You are sending out template bulk emails
    • They are great in spotting template messages. While there is nothing wrong to broadcast your industry knowledge via a mass email, but you will just be one of the many many real estate agencies out there. If you truly want to stand out and make a connection, spend the time to customize your emails and send something more personal. They will appreciate your authenticity.
  2. You are selling and not educating
    • Let’s face it, they don’t know what they are doing when it comes to purchasing a home. If you focus on selling, they might be overwhelmed. Instead, if you educate them on the process, you might gain long-term clients.

Now that you know more about real estate marketing with millennial.  Feel free to post your feedback or questions to the comment box below. We read all of them!

  • Using Craigslist

    # Using Craigslist, some solid leads can be generated. You just need to post listings on this platform which can be used for free and you will start getting results. If you are able to leverage this platform in the most effective way, you will be enjoying excellent success in your endeavor.

  • Use Facebook

    # Use Facebook for capturing potential customers is also a potential real estate marketing option that can help in generating solid leads. Today, this platform has turned out to be an effective breeding ground for generating substantial real estate leads.

  • efficient website

    # Make use of an effective and efficient website that helps you to generate target visitors and help in generating worthwhile real estate leads. Using online marketing tools, you need to vitalize your real estate website so that it starts working wonders for you.

  • Use SEO

    #  You should also focus on optimizing your real estate website so that it is able to attract more leads and search traffic. Using SEO services, search engine rankings can be given a firm boost.

  • Consider blogging

    # Consider blogging if you think you are not able to generate as much real estate leads as expected. Writing blogs on this niche can help you to keep your customers engaged which will help in driving more traffic to your website, ultimately resulting in more leads.

  • Arrogant or impersonal

    # When using Social Media Platform for real estate lead generation, care should be taken that you do not come across as arrogant or impersonal as it is the biggest turnoff for the potential customers.

  • Bluff

    # Never publish comments or updates that are inappropriate or misleading. People can easily make out your bluff and once it happens, it cannot be changed. Building your reputation again will take a lot more effort and time and by that time, you will lose your firm footing. Thus avoid indulging in poor judgement as it may have a drastic impact on your business.

  • Over promotion

    # In real estate advertising, promoting business is an important aspect, but the problem occurs when it becomes too much. Over promotion can in fact harm your chances. You can share updates, listings, etc. occasionally, but if you are blowing your trumpet all the time, it can be a put off for your target customers.

  • Going overboard

    # Many times, people indulge in over embellishing of features and sometimes to make it appealing, it is exaggerated. Going overboard with the same can create a problem when the customers realize that what they were expecting in a listing is actually not there.

  • Wrong people

    # Do not allow access to your social media account to wrong people as one negative comment or wrong information can kill your chances. Following the above mentioned do’s and don’ts can help you to plan your strategy for real estate lead generation.