Fresh Design Studio announces a refresh from WordPress Maintenance package to WordPress Care Plan

WordPress was launched on 27th, May 2003, and back in 2010 we finally think WordPress as a Content Management System is mature enough to be deployed for our clients. Our programming director built our first WordPress website in the July 2010. Fast forward to today, we have proudly developed over 300+ WordPress websites including 30+ e-commerce websites, and 100+ landing pages. Our digital design and marketing draw over a million impression each month.

Today Fresh Design Studio is announcing an exciting addition to our WordPress service tree. The addition is our WordPress Care Plan. Fresh Design Studio waited a long time to introduce such a service because we want to refine every detail of your experience in our Care Plan. We have vetted every plugin that we recommend, perfect the steps for each WordPress upgrade and updates, and trained account managers to deliver the most friendly and informative client experience.

Our goal is to give you the peace of mind knowing your digital assets are fully optimized and constant monitored. The best of all, there is a team of professional ready to resolve any issues that come up with no additional cost to you.  This is more than just a maintenance, it’s care package for your WordPress websites.


Click here today to learn more about our WordPress Care Plan or give us a call 312-880-9337