Urban Alternatives Properties Management

Urban Alternatives

Urban Alternatives, a family-owned company that has been serving the community for over twenty years. They focus on residential properties located in Chicago, primarily the Austin area, and its’ suburbs.

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  • How were we going to help this Urban Alternative stand out in a clustered industry? We decided to design a clean, sleek website and mobile app that provided all the facts with pictures that would help people see every apartment they have to offer.

  • Since they are a family-owned business, we wanted to give the website a feel of comfort and trustworthiness.

It has been a great experience in working with Fresh Design Studios in developing a new website for our company. Anson was great in communicating with me overall and suggested useful solutions and information that helped out the concept for the website. FDS truly supported our company’s needs in developing the website that provided the proper features that customers in the future will find easy to use. I recommend FDS to any type of business as they really know what they are doing and are very friendly!

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